Watchful Eye

Beauty is in the eye with the LASHES!

Long, luxurious, and completely natural looking. Our synthetic lashes create the kind of gorgeousness that make heads turn.

  • Look completely natural for out-of-this world beauty.
  • Save you time and hassle while letting you look great night and day.
  • Help you achieve lash fabulousness without clumpy mascara.

Disappointed with lashes elsewhere?
Come see us and find out why our clients are so loyal!

Looking in the mirror, you will be the fairest of them all with renewed youth and confidence. Eyelash extensions are the hottest new beauty trend. Once the go to beauty secret for A-list celebrities, they´re now available in Brantford to transform you into a red carpet sensation.

Plus, our synthetic lashes are expertly applied by professionals. They will not damage your real lashes or cause

Arm yourself with a power wink. Call 519 759 7807 today for a consultation.

Eyelash Extensions Do’s and Don’ts

  • DO keep your lashes dry for 24-48 hours
  • DO use water-based based mascara and make-up remover
  • DO apply mascara from middle to tip, to avoid root area
  • DO use a heated eyelash curler instead of a mechanical eyelash curler
  • DO NOT expose your lashes to hot steam or sauna
  • DO NOT run water directly on your lashes
  • DO NOT perm your lashes
  • Do NOT pull on your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely)
Eyelash Extensions
Natural (30 + 30+ Lashes) – 50 mins $89 $99
Glamorous Set (45+ 45+ Lashes) – 70 mins $129 $139
Sexy Set (60+) – 90 mins $149 $169
Drop Dead Gorgeous (All You Can Lash) – 120 mins $179 $199
Extra Volume (10 + 10 Lashes) $19 $39
Authentic Mink Lashes *25% extra to new
set or refil
Lash Refill (within 3 weeks)
Natural $45
Glamorous $55
Sexy $65
Drop Dead Gorgeous
*For Lash Master $15 additional for each refill set (if latest refill is older than 3 weeks: then full set is needed)